6 Facts About Lip Injections

If you dream of having lips like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, or Angelina Jolie, why not consider getting lip injections? Theses fillers help these women and many others get the great lips that you envy so much. The affordable fillers are used by so many people across Norfolk and elsewhere. If you want those kissable lips, take a look at these six important lip injection facts and talk to a dermatologist to learn more.

1.    There are a few types of temporary fillers doctors can use for the lips. The type of filler that your doctor uses is usually based off personal preference. Compare the options if you prefer one type of filler over another.

2.    Costs of lip fillers vary from one type and doctor to the next. On average, expect to pay $500 – $2600 for the service.

3.    How long will the results of lip fillers last? This also varies, but on average, expect to enjoy four to six months of use with the fillers.

4.    When you want full, beautiful lips, you won’t wait around to get them. Lip injections norfolk va results are almost instant. Although the lips swell immediately after the procedure, this subsides quickly and you get results.

5.    Some people think that lip injections will cause their lips to feel strange. But,  the truth is this simply isn’t the case. When the fillers are done properly, they don’t feel any different than your real lips.

6.    Don’t worry about pain when using lip fillers. There is slight discomfort, but it is not painful at all. And, you don’t need any downtime. It takes only about 30-minutes and you’re back to regular life.

Thousands of women have used lip fillers to get the lush lips their heart desired. Won’t you be one of the next to take this step?