Lab Coats & Doctors Without Borders

To all those medical people, not just the doctors, who not only save lives, but put their own lives at risk in order to save those lives, here is a big, hearty thank you! Where would the world be today without such fine men and women. Not just the general and specialist doctors, but their nursing assistants, their nursing sisters (and brothers?), their attendants and assistants, the porters and even the truck and ambulance drivers. Now, even under normal conditions, you know, in a typical hospital ward, or just a downtown private clinic, the conditions under which they must work can be pretty intense.

After all, they are attempting to save lives. All focus and careful attention to detail must be maintained. There can be no shaky slip of the finger when a precise stitch is being made, never mind the sophisticated equipment that some of these practitioners now have at their disposal. And thank goodness those days are long gone. Gone are the days when patients would be received by those crusty old doctors with starched collars and crumpled silk ties, and with an ashtray and cigarette on the desk!

How this made patients’ minds to rest at ease can never be known. No, today’s doctors, apart from being modern in the way they treat patients and the way they prepare themselves for another day in the office if you will, are dressed rather comfortably. And today, the lady doctors, of which there are quite a few more these days, have the pick of the best lab coats for female doctors. But don’t you worry, chaps, the gentlemen doctors haven’t been forgotten just yet. It’s like good parenting. There has to be a bit of both in order to take a healthy approach towards treating patients.